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Our Water Cremation machines feature the very latest design and technology. Engineered specifically for the most effective processes for human alkaline hydrolysis.


Three Year Warranty – A feature of our products is their quality. We are offering a three year warranty on all parts and associated services.


Simplicity, Safety & Durability – Here at Aquamation Industries, safety for operating staff is our top priority: Our equipment present no dangers to staff. Our innovative design also means reduced maintenance costs.


No complicated installation is necessary: all that is required is electricity and water. Our Water Cremation equipment can be fully functional from the day of delivery.


For a full price guide and product portfolio, please email or call +61 433 336 722 for more information. Our business extends to all locations, worldwide.

Water Cremation, by Aquamation Equipment

Business professionals in any location are invited to enquire about our products to receive the price guide and latest product portfolio. Our Water Cremation equipment is known in funeral homes as ‘Water Cremation, by Aquamation’.

Our Water Cremation equipment has been recognised for beneficial and ethical innovation. Aquamation® Industries was a finalist in the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition in 2015.

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Aquamation Industries provides the world's highest quality Water Cremation machines.
We do this so that families can have the best farewell to their loved ones.

Water Cremation for a Lovely Family

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